Nokia UK offers free phones for Valentine’s Day

12:30 AM Edited by Blony

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, Nokia UK decided to offer customers the chance to buy a phone and receive another one for free.

The phones that you can buy for getting another handset at no extra cost are:

Nokia E72 (£359), Nokia N86 8MP (£375), Nokia N97 (£449), Nokia N97 Comes With Music (£549), Nokia N97 mini (£429), Nokia N97 mini Comes With Music (£529), Nokia X6 (£449), Nokia N900 (£499), Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte (£799) and Nokia 8800 Gold Arte (£1089).

As for the free phones, you can choose between Nokia 1661 and Nokia 1208 – two low-end devices, that’s true, but free stuff is always welcome.

You can take advantage of Nokia UK’s new offering here.