Nokia cuts phone prices across the board, S60 biting deep into dumbphone territory

7:11 PM Edited by Blony

The company notes that this is nothing more than a regularly-scheduled adjustment, but for what it's worth, Nokia has quietly lowered prices across its entire range, in some cases by as much as 10 percent -- nothing to sneeze at. Notably, the S60 5th Edition-based 5230 is now selling for €170 (about $239) in Finland, making it considerably cheaper than dozens of mid- to high-end feature phones -- an interesting reversal of fortune that puts Nokia precisely where it says it wants to be for positioning S60 as The People's Platform as it sprinkles Maemo through the upper end of the lineup. Where this ultimately leaves Series 40 remains to be seen, but at the rate these guys are going with the mainstream push for S60, it may not matter in a year or two.

Via Reuters