Motorola Devour for Verizon gets boxed, shares Pixi's processor?

7:06 PM Edited by Blony

Motorola's so-called Calgary has found itself on a lengthy, fascinating journey from rumor to retail -- a journey that began way back in 2008. Finally, here we are a whole bunch of months later, the high-end Droid having been released back in November and Verizon still without a midrange choice for Android hopefuls -- but that's about to change. Right, Verizon? Right? The latest intel from Android and Me suggests that the Devour (as it'll almost certainly be known to the public) will feature a Qualcomm MSM7627 -- the same next-gen entry-level core being used by the Pixi that's designed to replace the aging MSM7600 series, very likely a chip that we're going to be seeing a whole lot of over the next 12-18 months in devices that manufacturers don't deem worthy of Snapdragon. Meanwhile, Android Central seems to have scored a shot of some promotional material for the Devour suggesting that it's not far off -- the site says we're looking at a retail box here, but considering how small and narrow the Droid's box is, this could actually be some in-store signage or something to that effect. We'll know soon enough, hopefully.

Via Android Central