Latest WinMo 7 Rumors Surface: Multitasking Not Likely

11:26 PM Edited by Blony

It’s no secret that there are plans for Microsoft to announce more details about WinMo 7 at Mobile World Congress. What is secret, however, is what those details are. PPCGeeks claims to have uncovered some unofficial nuggets of information regarding the mysterious new mobile OS.

What’s being reported is that Microsoft only plans on showing off the user interface without getting detailed on any hardware or even in-depth software details. The UI itself will be very similar to the look of the Zune HD, with a completely new Start screen.

Some additional details:
* You won’t be able to sideload apps into the platform via cable or storage card; rather, any and all apps will be downloaded via Marketplace * Marketplace will have a new API and will offer trial periods for paid apps * WM7 will be fully integrated with Zune * No multitasking; push notifications will be supported, and apps will pause when exited. * Full integration of XBOX gaming: friends, avatars, achievements, gamer tags, etc. * No more OEM interfaces such as Sense and TouchFLO

So there’s some real interesting pieces of scoop in that list. No multitasking, no Sense UI or TouchFLO of any kind, and much more Zune goodness. I hope the multitasking rumor isn’t true; frankly, Microsoft needs any competitive advantage it can get over the iPhone, and that would be a huge one in favor of WM7 (especially if iPhone OS 4.0 gets multitasking this summer, as is currently hoped).

Again, this is all unofficial and unconfirmed except through PPCGeeks’ sources. It all sounds legitimate, but MWC will be here soon enough and we won’t have to wait too long to find out the full scoop.

What do you think of the list? Feel free to add in some comments!

Via PPCGeeks