Samsung T669, T359 and T139 coming to T-Mobile USA

7:31 PM Edited by Blony


T-Mobile USA is getting ready to launch at least three new Samsung phones this year: Samsung T669, Samsung T359 and Samsung T139.

According to the Bluetooth SIG, Samsung T669 is a GSM phone (no 3G?) with a QWERTY keypad, QVGA display, Bluetooth 2.1, T-Mobile’s MyFaves, Instant Messaging and other basic features.

The Samsung T359 is also a basic phone with MyFaves, Bluetooth and Instant Messaging, but without a QWERTY keyboard.

And finally, the Samsung T139 is the only of the three upcoming T-Mobile handsets that’s been pictured:

The T139 is a clamshell with MMS, SMS and a VGA photo camera. It should be released on February 3, probably on pre-pay (or for free on contract).

The release dates of Samsung T669 and T359 are not known at the moment.

Via Cell Phone Signal