Samsung not done with Corby line yet, working on Folder model next

6:28 PM Edited by Blony

Samsung must absolutely love the thick gobs of profit it's making off its Corby models because it's wasted no time in building the line from a single device to an entire range of colorful, fun-loving handsets -- and the next to get roped in looks to be this SCH-W930, aptly named "Corby Folder." The model's destined only for Korea so far (you can tell from that SK Telecom logo in the upper right corner) with a 2.6-inch display, 3 megapixel cam, Bluetooth, microSD expansion, and -- like virtually all domestic South Korean phones -- DMB TV tuning. Following Corby tradition, it looks like it'll be available in a variety of two-tone schemes, but we don't have an exact date or price just yet so we're afraid your now-ancient Corby POP is going to have to tide you over for a few more days.

Via Samsung Hub