Samsung Moment gets a firmware update, convenience not included

6:23 PM Edited by Blony

Taking your phone into a service center for a firmware update is so 1999, but Samsung apparently didn't get the memo, because Sprint just announced that you'll need to head into one of the carrier's stores with a repair facility to get your Moment re-upped. Of course, the good news here is that the Moment's getting an update, period -- it improves AGPS and battery life, among other things -- but the bad news is that it bucks Android's trend of magically updating over thin air and doesn't include the promised 2.1 core. Presumably that stuff is yet to come, and happily, Sprint says that "the ability to download the update directly on your Moment will be available in the near future." Let's just pray this is the first and last time you need to put on pants and leave the house this year.

Via Android Central