Nokia Twist 7505 spotted paying homage to Verizon, and then disappeared

11:58 PM Edited by Blony

Recognize? This white cousin of the Nokia Twist 7705 briefly showed up on Bluetooth SIG's website as the Twist 7505, but now the picture's been eaten by a sad black square, and the description text taken over by some copy-and-paste disaster -- probably the panicked work of some shaking webmaster after a phone call from Verizon or Finland. Apart from the obvious replacement of touch-activated buttons with physical ones below the screen, the camera's apparently 1.3 megapixel instead of 7705's 3 megapixel. There's a chance that the hole at the bottom right of the screen has been patched up by a concave button as well, but we can't tell from this low-res pic; at any rate, though, it's certainly not the phone in Verizon's lineup that we would've expected to be re-released as a slightly lower-end model.

Via PhoneArena