Motorola CLIQ briefly gets firmware update by mistake, still Android 1.5

7:58 PM Edited by Blony

A few extremely lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) CLIQ owners were blessed with a new firmware update today, it seems, before the goods were unceremoniously yanked just minutes later. Phone Scoop reports that software version 1.3.8 -- which still runs Android 1.5, by the bye -- was available for just 15 minutes before Motorola took it offline. No one's coughed up a changelog yet, but users that have received the update have reported that it claims to improve GPS tracking and features a new option for assigning functionality to a double-press of the home button. For its part, Motorola's saying that "a test version of the update was mistakenly enabled" but isn't giving guidance on when we might see an official release -- so let's just make sure it has Android 2.1 next time it goes live, yeah?

Via Phone Scoop