Let’s hope Microsoft will indeed announce the new OS next month.

11:02 PM Edited by Blony

According to Electronista, Microsoft’s CFO Peter Klein declared that the company’s new version of Windows Mobile would be unveiled “in a few weeks.”

This is in line with some of the latest rumors we’ve heard about WM7, so let’s hope Microsoft will indeed announce the new OS next month.

Until then, I must mention that the minimum required specs for WM7 that we’ve posted a few days ago may not be accurate.

It seems as though Eldar Murtazin was wrong, as he received the “correct” requirements shortly after the wrong ones, and these include:

* Minimum RAM: 128MB (at least 256MB is recommended though)
* Minimum ROM: 512MB
* CPU: 600MHz ARM v6+
* 3.6 inch display is not a requirement
* WVGA resolution is not necessary – WM7 phones will have various resolutions, including QVGA
* Compass is not a requirement (although it’s recommended)
* G-Sensor (accelerometer) is also not a requirement, but it’s recommended

Eldar Murtazin has also received a photo of some old i-mate JASJAR smartphone that seems to be running Windows Mobile 7 (with a 640 x 480 pixels resolution):

Strange enough, the original i-mate JASJAR only has 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM, so it couldn’t run WM7 if the above-mentioned specs are correct.

Via UV