Helium Digital straps your wrist with HDBT-990 Bluetooth communicator

7:28 PM Edited by Blony

This Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth wristband could be a godsend for businessmen who want to avoid sticky wires and phones to answer a call while jogging, except it does look kind of bland (too hard to add a watch?). If appearance isn't what you're after, this wristband does offer audible caller ID, A2DP (although it's unclear if you can get stereo output -- we see no headphone jack here; probably just for higher mono fidelity), noise cancellation, and vibration alert for both incoming calls and when your phone is out of range -- the latter kind of mimicking the nio Bluetooth tag. Battery-wise it'll do 4 hours of talk time and 160 hours for standby. All yours for $87 starting in February.

Via iLounge