Have You Considered the Apple Alternatives?

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There’s no denying that Apple has a good hold on the marketplace these days. Many people love the Apple iPhone and for good reason. The same can be said about the MacBook Pro and the iPod nano. They just make good products that look good and work well. However, you shouldn’t forget about the other companies either.

Mark Wilson from Gizmodo has compiled his list of products that are suitable alternatives to the Apple offerings. This crosses over several different areas, including media players, desktop computers, and yes, even smartphones.

Going through the list, you’ll find comparisons between:

* iPhone 3GS and Motorola Droid
* iPod touch and Microsoft Zune HD

* iPod nano and Flip Ultra HD

* iPod shuffle and Sansa Clip

* Apple TV and Asus O!Play

* MacBook and Dell Studio 14z

* MacBook Pro and HP Envy

* iMac and HP TouchSmart 600

* MacBook Air and Dell Adamo XPS

* Mac Mini and Acer AspireRevo R6310

* Time Capsule and D-Link DOR-685

* Mac Pro and Hackintosh

For each of these, he tells you what you gain and what you lose. While I agree that the Zune HD is a suitable alternative to the iPod touch, I’m less inclined to recommend the HP Envy as a MacBook Pro alternative. I haven’t heard too many good things about the Envy.

Via Gizmodo


  1. Anonymous said...

    Well first of all, your title is confusing - generally when you say Apple alternatives you mean 'using' Apple products. I think you meant to say - Alternatives 'to' Apple products. Otherwise it makes no sense...
    ... but then you think that the Zune HD is an alternative to the iPod Touch....???? Do tell us how the Zune matches the functionality and features of the Touch - it's not even close