Google to sell 5 to 6 million Nexus One phones this year?

12:23 AM Edited by Blony

We don’t know how many Google Nexus One superphones have been sold until now (almost one week after launch), but the handset certainly has what it takes to become a commercial hit – since Google itself is selling and advertising it.

Barclays Capital analyst Doug Anmuth believes that Google might sell 5 to 6 million Nexus One units in 2010 only, which would make the handset the best-selling Android device until now.

And while 5 to 6 million units is still far from the Apple iPhone’s projected sales for 2010 (more than 30 million units), it’s definitely an impressive number – it’s about half the projected phone sales of Motorola and Sony Ericsson for this year.

Knowing that the Nexus One costs $530 free of contract, Google might cash in at least $2.5 billion – if it will indeed sell 5 million phones. Of course, Google’s net profit would be just a (small) part of the $2.5 billion, and it would also be shared with HTC (which actually builds the smartphone).

With the Nexus Two sort of confirmed by Andy Rubin, it looks like Google and its Android OS are on a roll. It should be interesting to see which mobile OSes will be hit harder by Android. iPhone OS? Maybe, a bit. Symbian? Probably. Windows Mobile? Most certainly, especially if Microsoft will delay Windows Mobile 7 to 2011.

Via Android Guys