Cradlepoint to introduce two new personal 4G routers at CES, enterprise broadband adapter available now

3:29 AM Edited by Blony

Cradlepoint, long-time manufacturer of cellular routers, is set to unveil two new 3G/4G combo routers at CES 2010 next week including a pocket-sized portable router and a larger home and office router. The portable router allows you to share a single 4G WiMAX connection with multiple devices via Wi-Fi and will even feature Wi-Fi 802.11n with VPN, WPA, and WEP for security. Better yet? It will support 16 simultaneous Wi-Fi-connected devices, a USB port for “legacy” 3G modems, and a run time of 4 hours. The home and office router is similarly spec’d and will include a single WAN port, four LAN ports, a USB port for 3G modems, Wi-Fi with VPN, WPA, and WEP for security, support for 16 simultaneous users/devices, and a backup wired connection if a wireless connection is no longer available. Cradlepoint also announced the immediate availability of the CBA750, an enterprise wireless broadband adapter that will bring a 3G/4G connection into any enterprise environment. The broadband adapter will support 3G/4G USB and ExpressCard modems and will utilize existing CAT5 cabling to deliver wireless broadband internet connectivity to an entire company. The CBA750 is available now from Cradlepoint with a MSRP of $249. Both press releases are after the jump, too.