Carphone gives free airline tickets to Palm Pre buyers

3:45 AM Edited by Blony

Apparently unhappy with how sales of the Palm Pre are going in the UK, Carphone Warehouse has decided to offer two free airline tickets to customers who will buy Palm’s first WebOS smartphone throughout January 2010.

For the moment, UK users can get the Pre only with an O2 contract – the handset is free if you’re willing to pay £45 or more per month.

According to, O2 may have “mountains” of unsold Palm Pres.

Launched as an iPhone competitor, the Palm Pre is quite far from reaching the success of Apple’s smartphone – which may reach 1 million units sold until the end of the year, via Carphone UK only. The iPhone’s advantage, however, is that it was released earlier than the Pre in the UK, and it’s available both through O2 and Orange (while Vodafone will sell it starting January 14).

UK aside, the Palm Pre might soon debut on the US’s largest network (Verizon), as Palm Pre Plus, together with the Palm Pixi Plus. This will probably lead to some increased sales, but, if you ask me, Palm should quickly launch new smartphones if it wants to continue the moderate success it has with the Pre / Pixi tandem.

Via UV