3 Scandinavia first out of the gate with 84Mbps HSPA

6:40 PM Edited by Blony

LTE? Who needs stinkin' LTE? The 3GPP's HSPA roadmap still has plenty of runway to get faster, interestingly -- enough runway, in fact, for just about any practical application you could throw at it shy of hosting Engadget's back-end operations. Historically, Australia's Telstra has had a track record of staying on top of the HSPA tech path, but just a few months after it demoed 42Mbps service, 3's Scandinavian branch is hard at work with Ericsson to deploy an 84Mbps network -- up from 21Mbps before -- through a combination of backhaul and equipment upgrades plus the addition of a new 900MHz carrier. It'll become the world's fastest HSPA network at launch, with the rollout starting in Denmark and parts of Sweden this quarter -- and hey, do us a favor and let us know if you come across any 84Mbps handsets, alright?

Via Ericsson