WIND Mobile launches in Canada, T-Mobile gets a spectrum buddy

8:02 AM Edited by Blony

Despite some last-minute drama with the government, Canada's WIND Mobile has launched today, bringing to the table an interesting new low-cost competitor to the nation's giant incumbents, Rogers, Bell, and Telus. Though its network -- based on last year's AWS auction -- lacks the footprint of the bigger guys, the pricing is pretty compelling: its $15 voice plan offers twice the minutes of low-cost competitors Koodo and Fido (which are really just fronts for Telus and Rogers, anyway) and CAD $35 (about $33) wins you unlimited data on your BlackBerry. Speaking of BlackBerrys, WIND is rolling out the Bold 9700 as one of its launch devices alongside the HTC Maple (known as the Dash 3G in the States), the Samsung Gravity, the Huawei U519, and the E181 USB modem. Service is only live in Toronto and Calgary at the moment, but the limited distribution doesn't seem to be holding people back -- WIND's site has been up and down all morning.

Via Toronto Star