Verizon's Android BOGO flier shows up, Droid Eris only free option

6:08 PM Edited by Blony

So the good news here is that Verizon's rumored buy-one-get-one-free deal on its Android line this weekend is shaping up to be legit -- the bad news, though, is that the most expensive (and probably most desirable) option is getting left out in the cold. Well, that's not quite true -- you'll still be able to take part in the offer if you buy a Droid, but for your free phone on the second line, you'll be stuck with a Droid Eris from HTC -- a phone that normally runs $100 instead of the Droid's $200. Of course, the Droid Eris is still a great little device, and as for Verizon, don't worry about them -- they'll get their money back. Trust us.

Via Phandroid