TomTom feels jolly, temporarily drops price of iPhone GPS app

7:17 PM Edited by Blony

TomTom has done a respectable job of keeping its iPhone GPS app up to date when compared to formidable options from Navigon and the like, but today it's making its biggest move yet by way of a significant price drop. We've heard directly from the company (and confirmed with our own two peepers) that the US and Canada version of the app is now on sale for $69.99, while a US-only version is currently on sale for just $49.99. If you'll recall, the former was just selling for $99.99 a few days ago, so if you're planning on making that fateful trip to grandmother's house again this year, you might want a robotic gal leading the way. Just sayin'. [Warning: Source link directs to iTunes]

Via Apple iTunes Store