Synaptics Fuse touchscreen phone concept unveiled

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Synaptics has teamed up with a handful of companies (Texas Instruments, Immersion, TheAlloy and The Astonishing Tribe) to announce a new mobile phone concept called Fuse.

The Synaptics Fuse is the first concept phone to integrate multiple interface technologies: haptic feedback, multi-touch, 3D graphics, as well as “force, grip, and proximity sensing.”

The concept extends the touch sensitivity beyond the display, as the phone features capacitive touch sensors on the sides (which let you pan and scroll), and a touch panel on the back, which provides 2D navigation.

Based on a Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 processor, the Fuse uses Synaptics’ ClearPad, TouchButtons and NavPoint technologies to provide features like two-finger input and high-resolution finger input – for precise pointing and navigation.

“The best touch experience requires the expertise and collaboration of ecosystem leaders to optimize what the user sees and feels. The improved sensory experience of Fuse will drive handset innovation to evolve, taking the current generation of touch-based interaction to the next level of human-device interaction,” declared Gopal Garg, senior vice president of Synaptics’ handheld business unit and corporate marketing.

Synaptics will demonstrate the Fuse during CES 2010 in Las Vegas, as well as durning Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona.

Via Press release