Samsung Omnia II gets white and enjoys some hacked Sense UI

8:28 AM Edited by Blony

The Samsung I8000 Omnia II has just been updated with HTC Sense UI by a hacked firmware. We also spotted the first shots of a ceramic white version of this uber-phone, so HTC HD2 might just have lost an edge here.

Truth be told, we knew this will happen sooner or later, but now was probably the best time (or worst, depending on which side of the barrier you are), with the Christmas shopping spree peak coming up.

From the Twitter client to the Footprints app - you can get it all on your Omnia II, thanks to a helpful hacker from ModaCo forums.

South Koreans have been enjoying pink and white versions of Omnia 2 ever since August, but it's only now that we see a GSM version of Omnia II get snow white. Perhaps it's something about this season?

Via pdamobiz


  1. reyah said...

    I saw this on tv commecial and i fall inlove with this phone.