Nokia’s plans for 2010 include its first Maemo 6 device, re-engineered Symbian UI and more

9:12 AM Edited by Blony

Today, during Nokia Capital Markets Day 2009, the world’s largest phone maker announced some of its plans and targets for next year.

Nokia hopes to improve its value share and believes it will be competitive in both the cell phone and the smartphone market.

The company’s CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, says that they will “take the Symbian user interface to a new level”, noting that the platform “has reach and flexibility like no other platform” – although the flexibility part is arguable; I mean, isn’t Android more flexible than Symbian?

Symbian aside, Nokia will launch its first Maemo 6 “mobile computer” in the second half of 2010 (and, as previously reported, it looks like there will be only one new Maemo device released next year).

Nokia also said that it intends to increase the proportion of touch and QWERTY smartphones – probably after seeing how Samsung is doing so great with these types of handsets.

Other plans of the Finnish giant include providing third party devs with enhanced tools for creating Ovi content, and further offering “affordable and localized services” for emerging markets.

Via Press release