Nokia launches Qt 4.6 with support for Symbian, Windows 7 and more

8:24 AM Edited by Blony

Nokia has just announced the availability of Qt 4.6, the newest version of its cross-platform application and UI framework (formerly developed by Trolltech, which Nokia acquired in 2008).

Qt 4.6 comes with many new features, as well as with support for more platforms: Symbian (4.6 is the first version of Qt to support Symbian), Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard and the yet-to-come Maemo 6. Support for Maemo 5 should come soon, too.

Qt 4.6 also adds support for multi-touch and gestures, and offers new graphical capabilities (including a new Animation Framework and graphics effects like opacity, glow, filtering and drop shadows).

There are also performance improvements, thanks to a re-written Qt GraphicsView rendering algorithm, 2D vector graphic support, a new OpenGL paint engine and new DirectFB support.

Qt Creator (part of the Qt SDK) has been updated as well, to version 1.3.

To find out more about the latest version of Nokia’s Qt and to download it, visit its official website.

Via Press release