Nokia and Samsung invest millions in Swype’s touchscreen typing technology

1:36 AM Edited by Blony

Swype, a Seattle-based company that develops a new way of typing on touchscreen displays, has secured a $5.6 million funding from Nokia and Samsung (via the companies’ subsidiaries Nokia Growth Partners and Samsung Ventures, respectively).

Reportedly, Swype allows users to write “over 40 words per minute on touchscreen devices” by intelligently guessing the words you want to type, and the new funding will further help it improve its technology.

For the moment, only one handset features Swype’s technology (Verizon’s Omnia II), but Swype plans to offer it to several other WM and Android smartphones next year – and maybe to Nokia’s touchscreen handsets, too.

What’s interesting is that Samsung has recently announced a partnership with Nuance, another provider of predictive text input software, saying that its phones (touchscreen ones included) will be shipped with the T9 and XT9 products.

Via MoCoNews