LG Rumored to Join Nokia, Not Show Up to MWC 2010

5:48 AM Edited by Blony

When we first broke the news that Nokia would not be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress 2010 this upcoming February, I’m sure there were a lot of shocked people out there. Brace for another shocker, because if rumors are correct it would mean that another big name, LG Electronics, will be following in Nokia’s footsteps (the footsteps leading straight out the door).

Rumblings around the net indicate that LG is not planning on setting up a booth or showing anything at MWC 2010 due to the high costs of securing a pavilion at the show. According to the Dutch division of LG Mobile, whom AllAboutPhones contacted for information, it is true that they won’t be exhibiting, but just like Nokia will be in Barcelona for the show and putting on events in a separate location.

Since LG will still be there, it’s likely that the company will still have several new products available on showcase.

via AllAboutPhones