LG Lotus successor LX610 seeks to look even stranger than the original

6:04 PM Edited by Blony

We've heard rumors in the past that Sprint is looking to replace its Lotus with an upgraded model, a testament to the fact that the bizarre mega-wide form factor must be doing relatively well at retail. And how, exactly, do you outdo a phone like the Lotus? One obvious answer is to add a huge display on the front, which is what the upcoming LX610 seems to be doing if the shots over on PhoneArena are legit. Without any obvious input method, we're not sure what good a big external display (QVGA, if we had to guess) does -- but then again, it sorta worked for the RAZR 2, so we suppose it could work here, too. Anyhow, time to start taking bets on the third-generation model -- twice as wide and a Dvorak keyboard layout is our best guess.

Via PhoneDog