LG and Sprint to launch stylish phone at CES. Prada III? Lotus 2?

4:18 AM Edited by Blony

A lot of interesting launches will probably take place at CES 2010 (7 – 10 January). One of them will be hosted by LG Mobile and Sprint, which are preparing something “stylish”.

MobileCrunch suggests that LG and Sprint may introduce the LG Prada III, first rumored to be in the making back in June. However, since the two Prada phones released until now never made it to the US (not via a carrier, anyway), a Prada III launch through Sprint seems unlikely.

What’s more likely is that Sprint and LG will unveil the LG Lotus 2 – we know about it that it will feature an external touchscreen display, but it’s not clear yet if it has the form factor of the original Lotus LX600 (currently available at Sprint for $49.99 on contract).

Regardless of what phone LG and Sprint are preparing for next month, let’s hope it will have not just style, but also high-end features.

Via UV