iPhone app: SBSettings Tether Toggle

8:39 AM Edited by Blony

A new toggle to enable and disable the tethering quickly from any application has been released for the Jailbroken iPhones (this toggle is only for SBSettings). Toggle to turn tethering on/off. (Use BT toggle after if you wish to use BT tethering instead of USB).

Note: This is a tethering *toggle* not a full tethering implementation. If you have tethering in your settings menu, this enables / disables it. If not, you need to get tethering working first via a carrier profile. If you have 3.1.2 and AT&T you cant use unsigned profiles so you’ll have to find another way to enable it (MyWi app maybe). Once it’s enabled, this toggles it.

Download it for free from Cydia.


  1. Ahsan said...

    I hope Ive this IPhone. It looks unique. Nice feature

  2. reyah said...

    Nice, i always wanted to have an iphone.