HTC Legend still looking good -- as a render, anyway

12:55 AM Edited by Blony

We got a pretty good glimpse of HTC's rumored Legend back in that huge roadmap leak a few days back, but now we're circling back for a better shot (and a few more details) of the probable Hero successor in all its roughly-rendered glory. High-end aficionados are probably still going to want to set their sights on the Bravo (or the Google Phone, Nexus One, Passion, what have you), but this sucker won't be a slouch, either -- it looks like it's signed up for a 600MHz MSM7227 and, more importantly, a WVGA display (turns out it's only HVGA). We'd already known this from the last leak, but what's new here is the presence of HTC People II and Footprints II, suggesting that Sense is going to get some sort of refresh to commemorate the launch. Add in the alleged metal casing, and we bet this thing's gonna be a looker in the flesh; needless to say, March can't come soon enough.

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