HTC HD2 Messaging Update

4:06 AM Edited by Blony

The HTC HD2 has been updated once again. This time it is to do with messaging. The official description reads:-

This update for HTC HD2 messaging lets you reach out to your friends and family with instant notifications. Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this update delivers just that: fast and reliable SMS messaging.

Some users have complained about not being notified audibly or visually when a new SMS was received.

What is your experience with SMS notifications? Does this update help?

Note: This update is only applicable to ROM version is equal to 1.49.XXX.X, or lower.

Download the update here.

Update: Following on from the Camera Update, and Messaging Update for the HTC HD2, HTC are back once again with another hotfix to improve the performance of the HD2.

This time is addresses an issue with SD Card Storage card capacity. It is not totally clear as to what this Hotfix does.

This update for HTC HD2 further extends support of the SD Storage Capability. Taking pictures with your 5 Megapixel lens and dual LED flash can only truly be appreciated at the maximum quality, and now with this update, you will be able to appreciate how much more you can store in your 8GB or more SD Card.

Is it enabling the device to take larger size SD Cards (16/32Gb+), or is is making some registry tweaks, which have improved the quality of camera images, decreasing compression and increasing file size?

Ill apply the update and see if I can work it out.

Note: This update is only applicable to Camera versions equal to Version 6.26 (Build 1921.1625), or lower. You can check the Camera Version under HOME > Start Menu > Camera> Settings > Advanced > Page 5> About> Version information.

Download the update here.