Do you have a problem with your cell phone? a simple plan will help mediate the situation.

4:57 PM Edited by Blony

Many people constantly complain about the fact that they are having problems out of their cell phones. A simple plan will help mediate the situation.

The number one cell phone complaint happens to be something involving the battery. People complain about the fact that they phone mysteriously cuts off on them or they are unable to get a good charge. An example of these events would be someone walking to class and they reach towards their hip or reach into their purse to get their cell phone and find out the cell phone system is frozen. They might even have their cell phone on the charge for hours and once they take it off the charge and use it, it's giving them the low battery indicator. The problem lies right here. Everyone has been in the habit of putting their cell phone on the charger at night and leaving the unit powered on. This is something that people should not do with their cell phones. Cell phone providers do not tell users this when they acquire them. A cell phone regularly needs roughly 2-3 hours to fully charge up. Having the phone on at night causes the phone to be on the charger for at least 6 plus hours depending on the person's sleeping habits. Any additional time the cell phone is on the charger after it has already successfully charged up is causing the cell phone's lifetime battery to drain significantly. Some might think since the cell phone is on and it's on the charger that it's causing an even exchange of energy. This really isn't the case because the cell phone uses it's actual power whenever someone is talking on the phone, using applications, or sending and receiving text messages.

The trick to fix the problem is whenever your charging your phone, turn the unit off. This will allow the phone to properly charge eliminating any extra charging. For those people who are already experiencing a problem much like this one, they might encounter some financial setbacks. The Spokesman Photo Editor Lyndsay Tufts explains, "I had problems with my cell phone. I would charge it up for 10 hours and then when I would use it, I could only be on the phone for 20 minutes before it was time for me to charge it again. I had to purchase a new battery." Replacement phone batteries can cost anywhere from $40-80 dollars. This becomes unnecessary money to be spent on a phone battery or money that cannot easily be acquired.

Spokesman Word Editor Shannon Winston said "When I had a problem out of my cell phone, I just got a brand new one." This still turns into unnecessary actions brought on just to get a new cell phone. Some people might even get into a situation where their cell phone is so obsolete that they do not manufacture replacement batteries for their cell phone anymore. Some might argue that they must leave their cell phone on at night to receive any incoming phone calls. Cell phone manufacturers should develop a way to record missed call while the cell phone is off.

What's more important…having an annoying cell phone not complying with you or hearing some juicy gossip at 1 a.m.