Apple greenlights ridiculously crappy video recording app for older iPhones

7:53 AM Edited by Blony

At just 3fps and 213 x 160 resolution, we hesitate to call iVideoCamera a "video recording app" -- it's really more of an extremely low-res continuous-shooting still camera -- but at least owners of iPhone 3Gs and original iPhones now have some sort of option for capturing their most treasured moments as one o' them newfangled moving pictures. Jailbroken solutions are nothing new, but this marks the first time a video recording app for older iPhones made it all the way through to the App Store, and at just 99 cents, it may not really matter that the output sucks. At any rate, the real news here might be the fact that iVideoCamera is believed to be using unpublished APIs, so this might signal the opening of the floodgates -- not to say the App Store necessarily needs any more floodgates opened.

Via The Apple Blog