Acer planning 'five or six' Android sets in first half of 2010

7:10 PM Edited by Blony

Alright, let us try out a new term we're testing on you: "Androidsplosion." Does that do anything for you? No? Well, that's pretty much the kind of cluster we're going to be running into with the Android camp come the first half of next year thanks to a rumored bumper crop from HTC, some Sony Ericsson gear, undoubtedly a few lookers out of Moto, and now this gear from Acer. The Liquid's just now starting to make the rounds at retail, but the VP of its Asian handset biz says that it has "five or six" additional models on tap for early 2010 that'll run the gamut from low- to high-end. The third and fourth quarters, it seems, aren't yet firmed up -- so if you thought they were going to turn off the tap after that quick burst, you'd probably be wrong. Sadly, despite the well-stocked roadmap, there aren't any indications that the company is looking to expand outside of its Asian and European roots to include a North American presence -- but it's not any more shunning than we're accustomed to 'round these parts.

Via Pocket-lint