Windows Mobile 6.5 'second edition' bringing slightly revamped UI?

8:30 AM Edited by Blony

We've already gotten a glimpse of an updated on-screen keyboard seemingly set for inclusion in the next update to Windows Mobile 6.5, and it now looks like Microsoft might have even more changes on tap to keep folks satisfied in the buildup to Windows Mobile 7. Apparently, something that may or may not be called Windows Mobile 6.5 'second edition' adds a number of UI updates that are supposedly designed to make it more usable with capacitive touchscreens. The biggest of those changes, it seems, is that the clickable buttons from the top bar have been removed in favor of a larger, more finger-friendly bar at the bottom -- which, judging from appearances, is not quite ready for prime time. Of course, of all this is still just based on what's been turned up in an early build of the OS, but at least one unnamed Microsoft representative has reportedly confirmed that the updated UI does indeed come from Microsoft, but he apparently wouldn't confirm much else.

Via The Unwired