webOS 1.3.1 trickles out to European Pres

11:54 PM Edited by Blony

A Europe with a Yahoo-free webOS isn't a Europe we'd ever want to live in -- it's just not right -- and happily we won't have to, because that shiny new version 1.3.1 that dropped in concert with the Pixi launch a few days ago is on the way to the Old World. Palm's official blog reports that customers on the Pre's official carriers in Ireland, Germany, Spain, and the UK can expect 1.3.1 "soon," and thanks to the magic of over-the-air firmware delivery, users should have little more to do than sit on their rears and wait for the goodness to come to them on a wireless silver platter. In fact, we've heard from one German tipster that the update is already available. Let us know how it treats you, won't you?

Via Official Palm Blog