Vodafone UK launches the HTC HD2, free on select plans

7:21 PM Edited by Blony

Not long after HTC announced that its high-end HD2 is shipping in Europe – Vodafone launched the smartphone in the UK, thus becoming the first British carrier to offer it to its customers.

With a contract agreement for two years and a monthly plan of at least £35 ($58), the HTC HD2 is free. You can get it for free with an 18-month contract too, but only with monthly plans of at least £40.

The new Windows Mobile 6.5 handset is available online here.

Vodafone UK doesn’t offer the HD2 on Pay As You Go for now, and there’s no word if it ever will.

O2 and T-Mobile will probably launch the HTC HD2 in the UK as well, but the exact release dates are not known at the moment.

Via Pocket-lint