Study Shows Touchscreen Adoption Growing at Exponential Rate in USA

9:28 AM Edited by Blony

Think back to last year’s holiday season. Does it seem as though there are several more touchscreen phones available or announced this year than there were last year?

It’s not an illusion; according to comScore there are 24 million touchscreen devices in use within the United States, a 159 percent growth year-over-year from last year at this time.

That is a huge rate of expansion for a US cell phone market that has historically been slower to adopt new trends and technology than overseas markets in Asia or Europe. On top of touchscreen growth the US has also seen a 63 percent raise in smartphone use.

Frankly, it doesn’t take a lot of thinking to figure out the main contributor to this army of 24 million touchscreen phones. Did you guess the iPhone? You would be exactly right. It turns out that 32.9 percent of US touchscreen phones are iPhones.

The breakdown goes as follows: 32.9 % iPhone, 8.7% LG Dare, 7.8% LG Voyager, 7% Blackberry Storm, and 6.5% Palm Treo. Also on the list at 5 percent or lower are the T-Mobile G1, HTC Touch, LG Xenon, Samsung Instinct, and Samsung Glyde.

Of note in the study is how popular capacitive screens are over the more traditional resistive screens, and touchscreens in general are becoming much more popular for people under the age of 35 than those over 35.

Check out the link for complete lists of all the breakdowns in the study.

Via Cellular News