Sprint Plans New App Store on its Smartphones

1:00 AM Edited by Blony

Sometime early next year, Sprint/Nextel plans to scrap its current Sprint Store and trade up to a new App Store that, according to claims, will be more open and managed by a third party.

When the change happens, Sprint will stop shipping smartphones with pre-installed apps already on them, which would be a huge move for any carrier in the US; every mobile provider typically likes to throw in several of its own apps on branded handsets.

It will be interesting to see if Sprint’s new app store will complement the already-existing marketplaces on Android and WebOS. Will they help each other, or cannibalize one another?

Currently Sprint is promising a turnaround time of one week to review and approve apps that have been submitted to the store, which would be a huge difference from Apple’s App Store that typically takes 10-14 days, if not longer.

Does this new app store stand a chance?

via AppAdvice