Samsung Forever comes to Rogers, cue 'it took Forever to launch' joke

8:22 AM Edited by Blony

Samsung's a manufacturer of many smartphone platforms, and odds are good you can find at least one of 'em you like -- between S60 (for now, anyway), WinMo, and Android, they've pretty much got the major bases covered. Say you're the particularly picky type, though, and you want your full-touch widget experience delivered sans the open operating system for some odd reason. Well, turns out Samsung has that angle figured out perhaps better than any other company out there -- and Rogers is adding yet another one to the lineup this week with the introduction of the Forever with a WQVGA LCD (no AMOLED here, sorry), 3.6Mbps HSDPA, a 2 megapixel camera, and naturally, TouchWiz. Interested parties are welcome to sign on the dotted line to the tune of CAD $79.99 (about $77) on a three-year deal, so... you know, you'd better be darn sure you're not going to have the urge to install any third-party apps designed to simulate bodily noises over the next three dozen months.

Via Samsung Hub