Nokia giving away 100 000 pedestrian navigation licences

7:33 PM Edited by Blony

What a lovely end of the business week: we’ve just found out that Nokia are giving away 100 000 pedestrian navigation licences. And what is even better, they are all free and valid for use in the whole world. It almost sounds too good to be true but it actually is.

You can save yourself a few bucks by simply upgrading your Ovi Maps 2.0 software to the latest version 3.0 by following that link. Your free license for pedestrian voice guided navigation will be delivered by SMS.

However, here comes a slight disappointment. As it turns out, the limited offer is available only in Germany or for Nokia users that actually have an active German SIM card. We found this banner on the German website of the company and it doesn't seem to be listed elsewhere. That's a bummer, we know!

The license type and the validity period is not known. But whatever it is, it's free after all. You can learn more about the available Ovi Maps licenses here.

Via Nokia