LG Offers AT&T Netbook Love With X120

12:28 AM Edited by Blony

With mobile phone stalwarts such as Nokia and Samsung putting their hat into the U.S. netbook ring, LG felt a little left out. No longer should LG feel lonely however because its X120 will soon be offered on sale for $179.99 with contract at your local The Shack (or Radio Shack, as us traditionalists like to call it still).

Having been available in Europe for the last few months, the LG is technically no stranger to the netbook market. In fact, this particular netbook has a unique interface option called SmartOn that is built to enable getting to the fun stuff faster; it claims a 2-second bootup time that offers easy access to the web, IM, music player and photos.

The LG X120 has Windows XP pre-installed and has a 10.1″ screen with 1.3 MP camera and HD speakers. Its battery life is rated at 7 hours of heavy usage and weighs 2.8 lbs. It also sports 1 GB RAM and 160 GB hard drive.

All we know is that the X120 will be out soon, though we don’t have an official date yet.

Via Engadget