LG Arena Max (LU9400) coming soon?

8:59 AM Edited by Blony


LG Arena KM900 is one of this year’s most successful LG touchscreen phones – as of August, it’s sold in more than 1 million units – and it looks like the world’s third largest handset maker is readying a successor of it.

A so-called LG Arena Max LU9400 has recently received a Wi-Fi Interoperability Certificate, so I assume that this phone will be some sort of Arena with better features.

Maybe it will have a larger display (let’s say, 3.5 inches) and a better camera (8MP)?

Or maybe this LG Arena Max will be a smartphone? Perhaps with Android, like the GW620?

Well, the assumptions could go on and on. More concrete details when we get them.

Via Cell Passion