iPhone slated for South Korean debut on November 28

11:59 PM Edited by Blony

Look, South Korea, we know it's been about four decades since a handset without an integrated DMB tuner or two launched in your neck of the woods -- and no, there isn't an app for that -- but just how badly do you want in on this Apple mojo? Following government clearance a couple months back, South Korean operator KT says that it's now ready to offer the iPhone to customers next Saturday, November 28 for prices ranging from 396,000 won ($343) on a 45,000 won plan ($39) for a 32GB 3GS all the way down to absolutely free for an 8GB 3G on a 95,000 won plan ($82). Given that KT and its competitors typically rival Japanese carriers for sheer technological insanity, it'll be interesting to see how the average Korean consumer responds to the late launch.

Via Yahoo