iPhone gets live Sky Mobile TV, O2 offering 3 months' free access

5:22 AM Edited by Blony

British satellite TV purveyor Sky has been pushing hard lately to expand into new spheres, a desire marked most clearly by its Sky Player integration with the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Now the company is keeping momentum going with the Sky Mobile TV app for the iPhone. The app itself will come free, but live streaming access to the full selection of Sky news and sports (ESPN included) channels will set you back £6 ($10) a month. That's pretty reasonable value if you're into live Premier League matches, which are typically the highest ticket item on a British TV subscription bill. O2 has sweetened that deal even further by offering a full quarter of a year's worth of free access -- a clear response to Orange's infraction on its iPhone turf. You can only stream via WiFi for now, but you have to agree that, at this price point, it's a definite step in the right direction.

Via Daily Telegraph