Google Latitude gets location history and smart alerts

4:31 AM Edited by Blony

Eight months after the Google Latitude launch it's now time for its first major update. Thanks to location history you can now keep track of the places you've been at and thanks to smart alerts you will get notified when one of your pals is around.

You can visualize your Latitude history on Google Maps and Google Earth. Naturally, deleting the whole history or parts of it is also possible.

The Google Location alerts add-on is still in beta so some bugs and instability is to be expected. The location alerts require you to enable Location History (so that it doesn’t constantly alert you when you roommate or coworkers come through the door). Alerts will only be sent to you and any nearby friends when you're either at an unusual place or at a routine place at an unusual time. Keep in mind that it may take up to a week for the system to learn your usual routes and favorite hang out places so it can alert you only when appropriate.

If you haven’t done it already you can sign up for Google Latitude over here. Then you can enable the new features by following this link.

Via Googlemobile