Blackberry OS Theme of the Week

6:49 PM Edited by Blony

Indigo is a Storm exclusive theme from eveek. The blue and gray based theme is a particularly unique one in the sense that it dismays the typical setup for the front screen of a Blackberry device.

There is no dock, no top menu, and no room for a custom wallpaper. Instead, the theme utilizes a circular rotation menu. On the front menu, 11 (yes 11, though it would make more sense if it were 12) icons surround a middle blue orb that shows the time and date. The theme is customizable as these icons are the first 11 apps and folders listed in the main menu. When selected, the icons aren't necessarily highlighted, but get a blue orb over them. This isn't exactly an attractive way of doing things, but it works.

The main menu is made completely of gray with a cracked concrete texture. This is the biggest negative of the theme. So much blends together and becomes difficult to recognize.

The theme fits together well, but that doesn't necessarily mean all parts work well; there is one other odd problem: with every menu and screen, it seems that there is at least one of these weird blue meter things. They don't change, and don't actually do anything. They're just there. They seem to be a style choice, but aren't particularly good-looking, stylish, or anything for that matter. They're just simply there.

Still, random fake meters aside, the theme is a fairly effective and good looking one. Indigo can be downloaded for free at eveek.

Via phonereport