Blackberry App World to Get Carrier Billing Soon

7:01 PM Edited by Blony

Currently, the only way to download an app onto your Blackberry from App World is to enter in all your Paypal information first to make sure you have enough to pay for the app itself. What if you’re not an avid Paypal user? Or perhaps it’s frustrating enough just to have that one extra step in between?

Jim Balsillies, RIM CEO, announced at the Blackberry Developer Conference that in 2010 carriers will simply be able to bill you whenever you download an app off App World. This allows for spontaneous purchases and gets rid of the Paypal middleman approach.

Also announced was a new Blackberry Theme Studio to offer more customizable options on the Blackberry UI, as well as a new advertising service to aid developers in integrating ads into their apps.

No word on when next year we’ll be seeing the transformation, although I expect to see it deployed to one or two carriers at a time instead of all at once.

Via WirelessWeek