All Konami Games for iPhone on Sale for 99 Cents Each

8:38 AM Edited by Blony

Are you looking for some fresh entertainment on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch? The good people at Konami are offering a special deal this week wherein any of their games in the App Store are being marked down to the bargain basement price of just 99 cents. This includes every Konami title in that catalog.

If you’re into some super stealthy action, you might take a look at Metal Gear Solid Touch, depicted here with Solid Snake at the helm. If you’re more into the horror genre for a portable spook, there’s Silent Hill: The Escape.

Going through the rest of the Konami catalog, you’ll find Silent Scope, Krazy Kart Racing, Frogger, Power Pros Touch, and Field Prowlers Police Rush. Rhythm game fanatics can get their fix through Dance Dance Revolution S and Dance Dance Revolution S+.

That’s the good news, but there are two sticking points. First, the 99 cent sale seems to only apply to the US App Store, so international customers (like Canadians) are left paying full price. Second, the sale only runs until this Saturday, so you’ll want to make up your mind quickly.

Via Intomobile