Acer to launch more phones with Android, fewer with Windows Mobile (in 2010)

5:11 PM Edited by Blony

Acer, one of the latest big companies to have entered the smartphone industry, launched about 10 handsets until now, most of them running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS.

In fact, only one Acer smartphone doesn’t have Windows Mobile – the Acer Liquid A1, which is based on Google’s Android platform.

For 2010, Acer plans to introduce yet another 8 to 10 new smartphones, but this time the line-up will be more balanced between Android and Windows – se we could expect to see half of Acer’s 2010 handsets coming with Android.

The Liquid A1 (pictured above), Acer’s only Android phone to date, should be – according to Reuters – available starting this week, although it’s not clear yet where and for what price (€379.99, if previous rumors are to be believed).

Via SlashGear