Samsung's S5230 Star gets a WiFi makeover

7:25 PM Edited by Blony

We can't think of a single phone on the face of the planet that doesn't look better wrapped a thick, rich, creamy layer of WiFi support, and non-3G phones in particular -- they've got no other way to push bits around at remotely reasonable speeds, after all. Take Samsung's S5230 Star, for example: it was a perfectly reasonable full-touch phone at its announcement back in spring, but with nothing but EDGE to its name, it's hamstrung for serious browsing duty. Sammy seems to have a solid understanding of the situation, moving quickly to re-release the Star in new S5230W and S5233W forms (for different regions), both of which are the same Star we already know and love but with a dash of WiFi thrown in for good measure. It's already shipping, so keep an eye on your local retailer for the lowdown -- and look carefully, because it'd suck at this point to get stuck with the EDGE-only version, wouldn't it?

Via GSMArena